Auto Like – Auto Comment and Auto Retweet on Twitter

We have already explained on the help page the principle of operation of TwitBot Pro, that is, the automation of operations that generate an increase in interactions with other users.

This increase in interactions in turn generates a “return” traffic also on your Twitter pages (posts) and leads to an increase in the number of your Followers.

Among the operations that can be automated with TwitBot Pro there is also that of Liking on the posts of other users, sending comments or Re-Tweeting. Here’s how to automate all this with this program.

To get started download and install the program on your computer (Windows) from the following link:

After installation press on the LOGIN TWITTER button and log in to your Twitter account.

At this point you can take advantage of the functions of the software.


In the section on the right of the program there is the function that allows you to like, comment or retweet the most recent posts of Twitter users that are imported into the program. For each user uploaded, the program will comment / like / retweet only the first post (the most recent one). Of course, you can also choose just one of the three functions, or two of the three.

All you have to do is click on the “Click to import Username List” checkbox and import the Twitter user list (e.g. users extracted based on hastag or extracted from a particular post).

Choose the actions to do (like, add comment and / or retweet the post) and finally press start.

TwitBot PRO will automatically open the most recent post of each user and click on the heart icon to add the Like, or on the comic icon and then add the comment set

As for the comments, in the relative box you can enter more than one comment and the program will choose one randomly (for each post) in order to reduce the risk of ban for “spam”.

TwitBot PRO will automatically open all the posts and click on the text box where you enter the comments. Here he will write the comment and publish it!

Similar thing for the RETWEET: the relative icon will be clicked automatically for each post of each user.

Video Tutorial: Auto Like – Auto Comment – Auto Retweet

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