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TwitBot PRO is a software designed to automate operations on Twitter in order to increase your interactions and gain greater visibility.

You will be able to acquire new real followers interested in your content in a short time. Here are the main functions of this Bot:

> TWITTER SCRAPER: Extrapolate followers (and followings) of any user or Twitter profile, extrapolate users based on a certain HASHTAG or who have liked on certain posts.

> AUTO FOLLOW & UNFOLLOW: Automatically follows (or stops following) new people, profiled according to hashtags or preferences.
> TWITTER MESSAGE SENDER: Function that allows you to send messages (Direct Message) to a list of users (for example your followers), in a simple click.
> AUTO LIKE: It automatically “likes” the most recent posts from a list of accounts (Twitter users) you imported.
> AUTO COMMENT: Automatically comment on the most recent post of a list of accounts (Twitter users) you imported.
> RETWEET: Automatically retweet the most recent post from a list of Twitter users you imported.
> UNLIMITED ACCOUNTS: You can use TwitBotPro with all your Twitter accounts. There is no limit.

How does TWITBOT PRO increase your Followers?

If you regularly use Twitter you will surely have received a like or comment on your post or photo from an unknown person. Out of curiosity you will have gone (most likely) to check his account to understand who he was and you will also have decided to become his “follower”. Well, this is precisely the basis of how TwitBot PRO works and the marketing strategy we rely on to increase followers. With TwitBotPRO you can automate comments, likes and retweets on selected accounts and extrapolated with the program itself. Try it now and you will be amazed by the effectiveness!


  1. How to install and activate TwitBot PRO
  2. How to Export Followers from Twitter
  3. How to activate Auto Follow/Unfollow on Twitter
  4. How to send a Message (DM) to a list of followers
  5. How to activate Auto Like & Auto Comment & Auto Retweet
  6. PRO version (no usage limits)
  7. Anti-Ban Tips


Download TWITBOT PRO on your Windows PC in FREE version from the following link: NOTE 1: It is essential that Google Chrome is installed on the PC and that this is the default browser.

NOTE 2: The FREE version of TwitBot PRO has as a limitation the maximum import of 5 contacts at a time

NOTE 3: This software allows you to increase your interactions with Twitter users but should always be used without exaggeration. It is not a spam tool, so we are not responsible in case of suspension or ban of your Instagram account. Immediately after installation you will see the following main screen:

To activate the program click on the flashing button (top right) LOGIN TWITTER:

The login window will open like the one shown below.

Click on the Login Manually button and the Google Chrome window and Twitter login page will open. Log in to your Twitter account by entering your user and password and once you have completed logging in you will see the main screen of TwitBot Pro with the words “READY” on the button at the top left.

The program is now ready to use all features. Make sure the Chrome window with twitter home always stays open under the program. Don’t close that window! Here are the main functions (click on each to read the step-by-step guide)






The DEMO version of TwitBot PRO has all the functions active but has limitations in the number of data that can be extrapolated (followers) and in the number of users that can be imported (maximum 5 at a time) and then perform operations such as auto like, auto comment or auto follow / unfollow. To get the FULL program without limitations you need to purchase the license (only € 29) from the following button:

After purchase you will receive the license key directly by e-mail. To activate the program click on the PRO VERSION button at the top right and then enter your email and activation code:


TwitBot PRO is a program that simulates human manual operations and automates them. However, if the program is used in an exaggerated way (eg it is left day and night to work) or too many operations are done in a short time, it is possible that Twitter may limit or suspend (temporarily) the Twitter account. To reduce the risk of bans:
1- Take advantage of the “Delay” parameters to set a random delay. We recommend setting a delay between 10 and 30 seconds but if you want to be even more confident you could increase these values
2 – Do not add more than 400-500 likes/comments/follow per day (within 24 hours)
3- Avoid leaving the program to work for too many hours or at night without your supervision.
4- Do not send comments that may be considered “Spam” by the recipient. Avoid inserting links in comments.
5. Use VPN software to change IP whenever you want and don’t always use the same IP address.
6. We suggest not to exceed these “limits”:
  • Like: max 50/60 per hour and 800/1000 per day.
  • Comments: max 20 per hour and 200 per day.
  • Follow: max 60/80 per hour and 800 per day.
  • Unfollow: max 60/80 per hour and 800 per day.
  • Direct Message: maximum 50-100 per day


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