How to Extract and Save Followers from Twitter

You are looking for a way to extract data from Twitter and in particular extract the list of followers (from your account or from any other account on Twitter).

The software that comes to your aid to do this is called TwitBot Pro. This is how this program works to extract and save followers from Twitter.

In addition to followers you can also extract the followings or users who have liked a certain post, or all users connected to a certain hashtag.

To get started download TWITBOT PRO on your Windows PC in DEMO version from the following link:

After installing and starting the program you will have to press the LOGIN TWITTER button and log in to your account.

Once this is done, the program will be ready to use.

At the top of the program there are buttons that allow you to extract the data of Twitter profiles based on a certain Hashtag or all the followers / following of a certain Twitter account. THERE ARE NO LIMITS to the number of followers you can extrapolate!

A) EXTRACT TWITTER USERS BASED ON HASHTAG To get users based on certain #hashtag, click on the GET USERS FROM HASHTAG button at the top and in the window that opens enter the name of the hashtag and the number of users to be extracted (with the demo version you can extract a maximum of 15 names).

Click on the EXTRACT USERS button and in the Google Chrome window you will see the automation start which then allows the program to extract all the users connected to that hashtag. Let the program work until the word “Completed” appears

At the end of the operation press on Export Data and you can save the text file on your computer, for example on your desktop. Within this file there will be users found by the extraction.


If you want to extract the followers (or following) of a particular user click on the GET FOLLOWERS FROM USERS (or Following) button and enter the username and number of followers (or following) to be extracted. With the demo version you can extract a maximum of 20 followers per user.

Click on the EXTRACT USERS button and in the Google Chrome window you will see the window with the list of all the followers of that account automatically open.

Leave open the window where you will see the list of followers that is “scrolled” automatically by the program. Let the program work until a window like this appears:

Finally you can save the list of followers on your computer in a txt format file.

Similarly, the function that allows you to extract the FOLLOWINGS of a certain Twitter account works.

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