How to Send DM Message to All Your Twitter Followers

Do you want to establish direct contact with all your Followers on Twitter, even if you do not know them individually? Well, then there’s no better way than to use Twitter’s Direct Message feature.

The only problem lies in the fact that if you have so many followers it becomes really prohibitive to send the message one by one. If you want to send a message to all your followers, the software that comes to your rescue is TwitBot Pro.

TwitBot PRO has a powerful Bulk Direct Message Sender feature. With this function you can upload the list of your followers, write and send the message to everyone, in just one click.

If you do not yet have the list of your followers, you can use TwitBot itself (by clicking on the GET FOLLOWERS function). But let’s see in detail how to use this program to contact all your followers automatically.

To get started download and install the program on your computer (Windows) from the following link:

After installation press on the LOGIN TWITTER button and log in to your Twitter account.

Once this is done, the program will be ready to use and you can use all the functions in it. In particular, to send a message to your followers you will have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Import the list of users you want to send a message to (e.g. the list of your followers)
  2. Write the message in the box at the bottom
  3. Click on the SEND DIRECT MESSAGE button

The following figure describes the 3 steps:

NB: Before sending you can set a random delay in order to reduce the risk of ban and simulate the manual sending of Direct Messages.

While sending messages you will see all the automatic operations in the Google Chrome window.

Make sure you don’t close that window until the end of sending messages. If you do not yet have the list of followers saved on your computer, use the GET FOLLOWERS FROM USER function on the menu at the top of the program. This list will be saved in a txt file on your computer and then you can upload it to the program to send the desired message.

Video Tutorial: Send message to all your Followers on Twitter

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